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Milano, MI
Como, CO
Nestled in the middle of a green private park, the gourmet retaurant Kitchen awaits with a unique dining experience.
Telese Terme, BN
"If I tried to relax, I would fall apart [...] And if I fall apart, the wind will blow me away. " Murakami - Norwegian Wood
Guarene, CN
Ivan Delpiano, Fabrizio and Luciana Ventura trace the path of the La Madernassa restaurant.
Borgonovo Val Tidone, PC
La Palta is a woman: a chef who knows how to bring dishes to life.
Lonigo, VI
The dream of two brothers who have won two Michelin stars in a small farming town at the foot of the Berici Hills.
Monopoli, BA
An intimate seaside resort, nestled on the shores of the Puglia coast near Monopoli
Sirmione, BS
The restaurant offers a cuisine of the highest level, refined and never banal.
Laveno-Mombello, VA
A cuisine based on the balance of flavors, scents and textures that are strongly linked to the Italian tradition.
Rivodutri, RI
A family and a territory, between history and dynamism, between taste and beauty.
Bardolino, VR
La Veranda del Color Restaurant Gourmet Experiences in Bardolino
Cagliari, CA
Sondrio, SO
Here, local products, chestnut flour from the family chestnut grove, mountain herbs, milk, cheeses, eggs, meats and cold cuts from small local companies.
Rubano, PD
Guests can choose bewteen three tasting menus or choose 3, 4 or 5 courses from the various menus.
Pinzolo, TN
Modernist mountain hideaway in the dreamy Dolomites
Pralboino, BS
An ancient country house with a crackling fireplace for cold winter evenings and a fragrant garden for summer, a welcome smile and here you are at Leon D’oro.
Gardone Riviera, BS
The town of Gardone Riviera, located in the western part of Lake Garda, is like a huge, luxuriant garden.
Certosa di Pavia, PV
The Locanda Vecchia Pavia "al Mulino", is an elegant and welcoming environment, suitable to satisfy even the most refined and refined tastes.
Anacapri, NA
Capri place: the art of hospitality
Trescore Balneario, BG
This is the kitchen for my children