La Preséf

Via Lungo Adda, 12
Mantello, SO 23016


After a long time spent planning the works for La Presef, our restaurant of emotions, La Fiorida opened its new restaurant in March 2011.
The name comes from the local language and means the manger.
La Preséf lies within a farm, where ancient values are turned into solid reality leading to a true sustainability. The dedication we feel when taking care of our livestock guarantees they live a healthy life and ensures the high quality of our ingredients.
Milk is our white gold and brings along the taste of the agricultural seasons in the valley. A taste that can be found in our cheese and dairy produce, some of which comes straight from the surrounding mountains.
We personally grow the delight and authenticity of every dish in our green pantry, located just a few steps from our kitchen. With the help of local farmers that bring us their daily harvest.
Our sommelier suggests a wine selection that enhances the terroir of our local wines, to enhance the perfect fusion with the tastes of La Presef.
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