Via Panfilo Castaldi 18
Milano, MI 20124


Since 1996 Joia has been the first European vegetarian restaurant to receive a Michelin star. Even today it is the only vegetarian star in Italy. The restaurant is led by Chef Pietro Leemann. His intent is to disseminate the principles of a healthy, plant-based cuisine that is friendly to the planet and all living beings. Each dish is the result of exploration and experiments, but it is never a point of arrival, rather a stage of the journey.
Music, dish, colors and attention in the service of the restaurant contribute to making the tasting a real exploration in a time suspended from everyday life, in a space other than what is already known.
Eating at Joia is a continuous surprise of tastes, an adventure that seduces the senses, spirit and thoughts with its evocative, refined and original beauty. Immersed in the tasting of a menu, connected with Nature and therefore with ourselves, the palate is conquered by the character, concreteness and quality of what we offer.
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