Felix Lo Basso home & restaurant

CONTATTI Felix Lo Basso Home&Restaurant
Via Carlo Goldoni 36
Milano, MI 20129


A gorilla. Yes, the symbol I have chosen to represent myself and accompany me in this new adventure is a gorilla. An animal that has always fascinated me from an early age, for its movements, its resemblance to human beings and its intense gaze.
It is a sensitive, intelligent animal with unquestionable strength, but despite its size and imposing appearance, it is a peaceful and calm animal. He laughs, cries and exhibits surprisingly similar behavior to ours.
These characteristics also reflect mine very much, because the sensitivity that I have to express in designing my dishes, goes hand in hand with the great willpower that has accompanied me on my professional path and, today, leads me to face it with immense joy in the heart the realization of this new project. My dream. My home.
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