Enrico Bartolini MUDEC

Enrico Bartolini
Via Tortona, 56
Milano, MI 20144


Milan: international city and reference point for design, fashion and food ... Excellences that express the Italian lifestyle celebrated throughout the
Located in Zona Tortona, on the third floor of the MUDEC-Museo delle Culture, in the heart of the design district, it is a place in perfect harmony with our philosophy
cooking which has its cornerstones in experimentation and research.
Here is the haute cuisine factory that determines the style of each of our restaurants, while respecting the biodiversity of the territories.
This is where we explore new worlds and new flavors, without ever forgetting origins and traditions.
Milan is a reference point and creative hotbed for every declination of our “contemporary classicism”.
The intimate and elegant environment, enhanced by warm and natural tones and by seats and sofas with fluid and enveloping lines in soft leathers and hide, invites
the guest to relax to fully enjoy the gastronomic experience in maximum comfort, which is sought after by the Chef and his brigade as maximum
of pleasure.
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